Paletas – Mexico’s traditional ice lollies, with a Cielo Blanco boozy twist

Paleta’s are Mexico’s answer to ice lollies, not so exciting but stick with us, the amazing thing about Paletas is that they are made with chunks of the freshest fruit & pure fruit juice in an unbelievable range of flavours. They are traditionally sweetened with natural sugar cane (with no processed sugar at all – as this tends to affect how well they freeze) and we’ve brought them to our dessert menu. We’ve created a delicious range of flavours including pineapple & jalapeño and passion fruit Margarita. But not only this, we rarely do anything without tequila, so we’ve added a little boozy twist on some of the flavours, with paloma, pineapple paloma & tommy’s margarita also making a cheeky appearance. Our list of flavours changes daily, so make sure to ask your server when you next fancy something sweet after your Mexican feast!